Consultation and Supervision

Consultations are ongoing relationships facilitating growth of the consultee’s skill development. The main focus of this process is improving the consultee’s ability to interact with clients.

Specific focus areas may include: chemical abuse, process behaviors, family therapy, mental health, heath care, and working with adolescent and young adult populations.

Consultation is provided in an individual or group format.

Consultations are built around the needs of the organization or individual. Collaboratively the consultant and consultee build a needs assessment and roadmap. The needs assessment facilitates identification and prioritization of goals. Periodic meetings assist in tracking ongoing progress. The consultive process ultimately enables the organization or individual to improve their proficiency in the specified skills established at the onset of the relationship.

Supervision is individualized consultation focused on case review and skill development.  The focus of supervision relates directly to the needs of the supervisee.  Initial meetings address the scope and content of the supervisory relationship.  Ongoing case specific and topic driven meetings promote skill development and explore transference and countertransference within their therapeutic relationships.

Why choose Margo?

  • Thirty-five years of International and national consultation.
  • Member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) since 2007.
  • State of Illinois Certified Alcohol and Other Drug Counselor since 1980
  • State of Illinois Certified Problem and Compulsive Gambling Counselor since 2001.
  • National Anger Management Association Certified Anger Management Specialist.
  • State of Illinois Licensed Professional Counselor since 2006.